Friday, November 14, 2008

Friday, November 14, 2008

I saw God at Sonic tonight. Yes, you heard me right, at Sonic.

Evin and I were leaving Walmart, and we saw an old man on a bicycle asking another man for something. You could tell that they did not know each other, and that the man on the bicycle was most likely homeless. With no response from the man in the car, the man on the bicycle rode off.

As we were pulling out of the Walmart parking lot Evin asked me "Hey, isn't that the man we just saw asking someone for money?"

I looked out my window, and there was God. Right there in the Sonic Drive In.

The same man that we saw in the parking lot not two minutes earlier, was now asking a young college student who was pulled in the drive in the same. I watched the young man get out of his car and gesture to the old man to follow him. The old man was taken back and literally for about 5 seconds just stood there with his bike next to the other man's car. Then he followed the college student into the picnic table area. The college student shook his hand, introduced him to his friend who had gotten out of the car to follow them, and gestured for him to sit down.

You see, someone 5 minutes earlier told this man no for whatever reason. Not to say that the man in the Walmart parking lot was rude, but just decided at that moment that he could not help the man on the bicycle. But then God showed up...

He showed up at the Sonic Drive In in College Station, through a college student. Not only did the college student offer to help this man, but he offered God's love to him all at the same time. He didn't just give him a five dollar bill, but gave him food to eat, and for 30 minutes a friend to talk to.

It was so nice to see this. It touched my heart so much, and reminded me why I am here. Not to be the best dressed or make all A's. Not to worry about a flat tire or how I am going to wear my hair tomorrow. I'm here for a reason that is so much more simple. I'm here to love God.

I guess God loves Route 44's as much as I do. :)

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